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Established in 1993, Leak & Associates, Inc., specializes in the solid waste industry, constructing transfer stations, recycleries, convenience centers, landfills, leachate containment facilities, maintenance facilities, and office buildings.

Leak & Associates, Inc., has provided construction, planning and design-build services for both the private and public sectors of this dynamic industry since their inception.

Providing these services for over 20 years has given Leak & Associates, Inc., unique insights and knowledge of the specific priorities involved with the construction, maintenance and operation of solid waste facilities. Leak & Associates, Inc., can utilize our experience to assist solid waste departments with budgeting, planning and repairing all manner of solid waste facilities.

Leak & Associates, Inc., focuses on three areas in supporting the waste industry:

01.Design-Build Contracting

02.Repair Services (working with your engineer or providing a design-build solution)

03.General Contracting (of your facility from your bid package)

Design-Build Contracting offers distinct advantages over traditional design-bid-build contracting methods. This method reduces the time and costs associated with multiple-phase contract solicitation. By combining the Owner, Designer and Contractor into a single team, all parties are involved with the project from conception to completion. This level of involvement provides continuity, eliminates the learning curve and provides accelerated project schedules. Because it provides single-source responsibility for all aspects of the project, this approach reduces or eliminates costly change orders, providing better control over total project budgets.

Repair services are an important part of the Leak & Associates package of services. Facility damage generally involves loss of use of a vital facility for what can be extended periods of time. This loss of use results in loss of revenue, higher operating costs and general nuisances for everyone involved. Facility damage can also lead to Notices of Violation from the permitting authority which can be expensive and jeopardize your ability to continue to operate. The main repair issue facing the solid waste industry is floor wear in transfer stations and recycleries. Leak & Associates, Inc., has developed a method of repairing floors and walls which results in lower cost repairs with significantly less down-time and excellent long-term service life. This method has been used for several years in multiple facilities across the Southeast with tremendous success.

Leak & Associates, Inc., also successfully participates in public and private bid processes, and has brought their experience to the table to complete projects on time and on budget. Few general contractors can match Leak & Associates’ level of expertise in the solid waste field.

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