With over 25 years of dedicated service in the solid waste industry, Leak and Associates stands at the forefront of design and construction. Founded in 1994 with a visionary purpose, we revolutionized transfer station repair and design, stepping beyond the conventional to deliver cost-effective, innovative solutions. Our legacy is built on understanding the unique challenges and operational nuances of transfer stations, ensuring each project we undertake is not just a service, but a tailored solution enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Choose Leak and Associates
where experience meets innovation in transforming the landscape of transfer station facilities.

What makes our proprietary concrete tipping floor design stand out?

25 years ago, our transfer station repair company was asked to develop a tipping floor design that would accomplish three things. The concrete tipping floor had to:

Last longer than traditional Floor Designs

Last longer than traditional Floor Designs

Cost less than the most popular floor toppings

Cost less than the most popular floor toppings

And minimize facility downtime

And minimize facility downtime

We believe we have accomplished that and much more. Our tipping floor design, in conjunction with our proprietary concrete mix design, lasts anywhere from three to five times longer than traditional repairs without the typical failure risk associated with topping repairs. It's also a fraction of the cost of popular topping compounds.

The most impressive feature of Leak & Associates tipping floors is the downtime that facilities see. Our typical repair takes four days of closure time. This means your facility can reopen and get back to operation faster without substantial revenue loss.

Check out a case study done by The City of Rocky Mount about their tipping floor replacement done by Leak & Associates.

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Repairs: Tailored Solutions for Maximum Efficiency

At Leak and Associates, we understand the critical importance of maintaining your transfer station in top condition. Our comprehensive repair services are designed to address a variety of needs, ensuring your facility operates at its best.

Tipping Floor Repairs:

We specialize in durable and long-lasting repairs to withstand the heavy wear and tear of daily operations.

Cantilevered Edge Repairs:

Our expertise extends to precise and robust repairs of cantilevered edges, essential for maintaining structural integrity and safety.

Push Wall Repairs:

We ensure your push walls are restored to optimal condition, enhancing the operational efficiency and lifespan of your facility.

Trench Drain Repairs:

Our team is adept at ensuring effective water management through expert trench drain repairs, vital for maintaining a clean and safe environment.

Heavy Metal Pit Repairs:

We address the unique challenges of heavy metal pits with specialized solutions that reinforce longevity and performance.

Design Build Services: Innovating from Concept to Completion

Leak and Associates is not just a contractor; we are your partner in innovation, offering comprehensive Design Build Services that bring your vision to life. Our approach integrates design and construction, ensuring a harmonious and efficient project lifecycle.

Customized Design Solutions:

Our team collaborates closely with you to understand your unique needs and operational challenges. We craft bespoke designs that not only meet but exceed your expectations for functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability.

Streamlined Project Management:

With our Design Build Services, you benefit from a single point of accountability. We manage all aspects of the project, from initial sketches to the final build, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process for you.

Cost-Effective Construction:

Leveraging our extensive industry experience and a network of skilled professionals, we deliver your project not just in line with your vision but also within your budget. Our solutions are engineered to be cost-effective without compromising on quality or durability.

Innovative Techniques and Materials:

We stay at the forefront of industry trends and innovations, incorporating advanced techniques and materials that enhance the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your facility.

Your Vision, Our Mission:

At Leak and Associates, your vision is the cornerstone of our Design Build Services. We are dedicated to transforming your ideas into tangible assets, ensuring that every project we undertake not only serves its purpose but also stands as a testament to quality and innovation