Leak & Associates, Inc., Repair Services

Facilities in need of repairs cause downtime and loss of revenue. The most common repair issue facing the Solid Waste Industry is floor wear in transfer stations and recycleries.

Leak & Associates, Inc., has developed a method of repairing floors and walls which results in lower cost repairs with significantly less down-time and excellent long-term service life. This method has been used for several years in multiple facilities across the southeast with tremendous success.

We work with your schedule to quickly repair your facility so the trucks can continue to roll.

Repair services we provide include:

  • Floor replacement
  • Floor overlay
  • Trench drain replacement
  • Push wall replacement or addition
  • Scale repair
  • Cantilever Edge Replacement
  • Facility refurbishment
  • And more

Recyclery Floors Wear

Recyclery Floors Wear

Click here to see a video about the Rocky Mount Transfer Station.