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Rely on us for transfer station compliance services in Monroe, NC

Newly proposed transfer station compliance rules are working their way through the public comment period and have been effective as of May 2020. Leak & Associates, Inc. has partnered with HNA Engineering PLLC and HNA Contracting. This team approach can fully assess and maintain your Transfer Station Facility and provide the required guidance through the transitional period to meet the compliance objectives. We're available for transfer station services in Monroe, NC, and across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

Leak & Associates offers a unique experience and more than 25 years of transfer station repair and design. Raymond Hoffman, the owner of HNA Engineering, has more than 30 years of experience in environmental compliance, operation training, permit compliance, and operations plan compliance. Together, we offer the most complete approach for a smooth transition during the implementation period of compliance.

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Get the meticulous cleaning and maintenance you need

Bruni Hoffman, owner of HNA Contracting, LLC, has crews and equipment available to perform the required cleaning and maintenance tasks. Tasks identified in the proposed transfer system compliance rules, which may already be a part of your current operational plan, include:

  • Leachate collection system and drain line cleaning
  • Monthly floor cleaning with a pressure washer
  • Bi-annual pressure washer cleaning of walls, load-out bays, floors and scales
  • Wind-blown litter pickup
  • Erosion and sediment controls, silt fence, storm drain inlet protection and basin/trap cleaning
Leak & Associates has performed the following transfer system services:
  • Greenfield construction, including grading work, foundations, concrete floors and walls, leachate collection systems, metal buildings, paving and scales
  • Concrete floor overlays, full replacements and repairs
  • Steel plating for wall protection
  • Loading pit back wall reflector plates
  • Pit scale foundations
  • Metal building sizing, designs, ordering and installation
  • Functional and operational efficiency evaluations
  • Evaluations and cost estimates for corrective remedies
We are confident that our team of professionals can assist with every aspect of navigating your Transfer Station Facility through the complexities of these new rules and with meeting your operational and environmental compliance goals.

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